Maduro spoke to the media today in Petare regarding the arrest of Yonny Bolivar for the murder of Adriana Urquiola last year. Maduro announced that Bolivar could be extradited to Venezuela from Colombia as early as tomorrow.

Echoing comments made last year, Maduro was quick to blame the opposition for Urquiola’s death. More specifically, Maduro blamed a guarimba – a street barricade constructed as a form of protest – for causing her death. Maduro explained:

Why did Adriana Urquiola die? She was, of course, coming [home] in a little bus. She wasn’t able to continue on her way up to her building, where she lived, because of a guarimba. And in that guarimba, over the last few days, there had been a few injuries. Neighbours in the area had to get off their little buses and cross a street on fire and smoke, rocks and bullets, in order to get home.
If there hadn’t been a guarimba, she’d be alive today, going to work. She was really loved in her field. She had to get off her little bus thanks to the guarimba. Who called for the guarimba? Who promoted it? And later, she was killed by a bullet.

At the same time, Maduro congratulated the security forces responsible for bringing Urquiola’s confessed killer, Yonny Bolivar, to justice.

During the same event, Maduro announced that his government would be targeting gangs in the country. Maduro announced that a security initiative was already underway with the goal of “disarming and dismantling” every gang in the country.

Torrealba: Gov’t Afraid to Announce “Day of Defeat”

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Barcelona, Anzoategui state, Jesus Torrealba – the head of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica – said that the reason why the Consejo Nacional Electoral has yet to announce the date of this year’s parliamentary election is that “they do not want to give their defeat a date.”

Torrealba attempted to convince listeners to channel their anger and frustration into the ballot boxes this fall:

You have to get upset with those responsible. Sometimes, the buyer comes [to a store] and he can’t find what he’s looking for, so he gets angry with the seller. Sometimes, the seller gets upset because he’s being forced to sell products at a loss, so he gets angry with the buyer. So, our motto is, “Get upset with those responsible”, because all of us – buyers and sellers – are victims of an [economic] model that has warped the Venezuelan economy.



Today, Maduro repeated an assertion he made last year in the aftermath of Adriana Urquiola’s murder: the guarimba killed her. This line of thinking is as backwards and insulting today as it was a year ago. Blaming the guarimba for Urquiola’s death is like blaming the money in the safe for the death of a bank teller during a robbery.

Regardless of where you stand on the effectiveness and/or legality of the guarimba as a form of protest, one fact is absolutely clear: discharging a firearm into a crowd is not O.K. This is exactly what Yonny Bolivar admitted to doing on the night of March 24, 2014. He fired his weapon in the direction of a crowd of people; one of the bullets he fired struck Urquiola in the head, and she died. Yonny Bolivar killed Adriana Urquiola.

Maduro’s insistence that the guarimba killed Urquiola doesn’t even make sense by his own ridiculous logic. Almost in the same breath in which he blamed the guarimba and the opposition in general for killing Urquiola, he bragged about finally catching Bolivar.

For Maduro, the truth is only ever in the way of making a political attack. With his typical grotesque disregard for facts, Maduro simply could not miss the opportunity to use the tragic death of a young woman (again) as a platform to attack his enemies.

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