The former vice-minister of the Ministry of Planning and long-time Chavez ally Jorge Giordani spoke today after months of relative silence on the state of the Venezuelan economy and the path on which its headed. Giordani told Aporrea, a pro-Chavez website, that the Venezuelan government does not have an economic model, and that it lacks both direction and leadership.

Giordani said:

You have direction, specially when it comes to the economy. There is no direction here. This is how it is: como vaya viniendo vamos viviendo. 

“Como vaya viniendo vamos viviendo” is a humorous phrase that roughly means “I’ll make it up as I go along”.

Giordani was clear that the issue as he sees it is not that the country’s economy is being led in the wrong direction; rather, it’s there is no direction at all.

He also suggested that the government is “scraping the bottom of the barrel” to find dollars for importing food and medicine, and that PSUV officials appear more worried about making televised speeches than they are about running the country.

Speaking on Maduro, Giordani said simply that it was “painful and alarming” that he does not appear to show any kind of leadership at all.

Giordani was a close friend of Chavez starting in the early 1990s. He played a central role in the construction of Bolivarianism, and was Minister of Planning until June of last year when he left his office and began to publicly oppose Maduro’s term as President.

BCV Goes Five Months Without Publishing Data

The Banco Central de Venezuela [Venezuelan Central Bank] has now gone five months without making public any kind of economic data. According to the organization’s own rules, economic data must be published within the first ten days of each month.

In lieu of official numbers, Venezuelans have had to either speculate for themselves what figures – for example, on inflation – might be, or hope that officials speaking off-the-cuff might let slip some information.

Last Tuesday, the country saw the closest thing to an official statement regarding economic performance so far in 2015: The Minister of Planning, Ricardo Mendez, said that inflation between January and May grew 60%.

Attorney General: Ceballo is Healthy

Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz spoke today on the health of Daniel Ceballos. Speaking to reporters, Diaz announced the result of medical tests conducted on Ceballos to ascertain his condition.

Diaz said:

We have the results of the tests, and we verified that according to the results, there have been no irregularities so far.

Ceballos has been on a hunger strike for 17 days.

Diaz’s comments contradict earlier reports on Ceballos’ deteriorating health. Last week, Ceballos’ lawyer said that his client was suffering from facial paralysis and kidney problems as a result of his hunger strike.

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