Mauro Vieira, Brazil’s Foreign Minister, called on the Venezuelan government to announce the date of the parliamentary elections that are supposed to take place this year. Vieira said that he had expressed his concerns to the Venezuelan government over the elections, and that:

I insisted once more than an announcement is made as soon as possible to carry out the elections within the time frame established by the law.

There has been growing unease in recent weeks over the supposed fall elections. The constitution commands that elections take place this year, as the five year term for National Assembly deputies will be reached at the end of this year.

On April 16, the Consejo Nacional Electoral said that it would announce the date of the elections before within two weeks. Today, the nation’s electoral overseers came the closest they’ve been to announcing an election date. The CNE’s rector, Luis Emilio Rondon, said that the organization projects that the elections will take place at the end of November or in early December, although it’s not yet ready to make formally name a date.

On Tuesday, the Brazilian senate approved a motion criticizing Maduro for arbitrarily detained political opponents. Aecio Neves, the head of the Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira (PSDB) party, said:

A country such as Brazil with a president who was at one point a political prisoner cannot remain silent while a neighbouring country has almost 90 political prisoners… it’s time for the Brazilian government to act in the defence of democracy in Venezuela.

People’s Defender: Brazilian Senators are “Anti-Democratic”

Tarek William Saab, the People’s Defender, spoke in defence of the Maduro government before the Brazilian senate yesterday. Saab was invited to speak by a senator from the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) party.

According to the Brazilian publication Veja, Saab attacked his audience, saying:

You voted against Venezuela and did not listen to me, the representative from the Venezuelan state. Some would call this type of attitude cowardly, but I qualify it as anti-democratic and and contrary to human rights.

Saab also called the senate-approve motion “unethical”.

Kluivert Roa’s Killer Sentenced to 18 Years

Javier Mora Ortiz, a 23 year old National Bolivarian Police officer, was sentenced to 18 years in prison today after being found guilty of murdering a teenager named Kluivert Roa on February 24 of this year.

Ortiz was found guilty of murder, improper use of a weapon and assault.

Maduro Speaks From Moscow

Maduro arrived in Moscow today to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War alongside his counterpart President Vladimir Putin.

Upon his arrival, Maduro suggested that while Nazism might have been defeated in Europe 70 years ago, it is very much alive and well today:

We’re very excited to give all of our historic recognition at the great task the Russian people accomplished, a feat that is not yet valued as it should be.
We’re not here to commemorate, to celebrate just any old thing… I think that the 70 year [anniversary] should tell us that the worst expression of Nazi-fascism was defeated, but it survived. From that same Nazi-fascist vein Pinochet came, and there’s another threat to the Russian people from people who adhere to Hitlerian murder and all of the insanity of that time. There are battles yet to be won.

Maduro also said that Venezuela was facing a “Nazi-fascist” attack, but that it was on track to defeating it:

We’re controlling and defeating an Nazi-fascist outbreak with justice and democracy… we are going to continue our struggle. In Venezuela and in Latin America, Nazi-fascism will not spring up again.

Finally, Maduro praised Putin in an address published in Russian mediapart of which reads:

Brother Vladimir, the struggle against intolerance, segregation and the violent hegemonic claims of the world are part of our shared vision of reality.

Putin has isolated Russia in the eyes of the international community by annexing Crimea early last year and supporting rebels in the east of Ukraine, plunging the former Soviet republic into what has become a bloody civil war.

Below, some pictures of Maduro’s visit to Russia:

Below, Maduro speaking with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko:

Venezuelan Crude Climbs $2.53

The price of a barrel of Venezuelan crude oil continued a recent upward swing today, closing the week at $56.74. The amount is up from $54.21 at last Friday’s close.



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