Maduro oversaw the hand-over of 30 training aircraft to the Escuela Mariscal Sucre Air Base in Maracay, Aragua state today. During the event, Maduro stressed that Venezuela is a peaceful nation, saying:

Our airplanes will never go out and bomb the peoples of any part of the world.

Along with the aircraft, the air base also received two flight simulators for training purposes.

During the event, Maduro declared the Summit of the Americas “a great victory”, saying that he had managed to “stop the monster” – the United States. He also gave a few details regarding his meeting with President Obama:

I said to him, “even though you’ve offended my homeland, I offer you my hand”.
I faced him, with respect, as equals, and I said, “President Obama, the voice of Venezuela is here.” I stood there with my face and my chest straight, and I said to him, “President Obama, Venezuela is not anyone’s enemy”.

Maria Corina Machado Claims SEBIN Follows Her

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado tweeted earlier today that at least 12 SEBIN officers have been tailing her and her entourage over the last 48 hours as she tours Anzoategui state. Machado also said:

For the regime, it’s more important to follow me around than to provide security to our citizens, including the police officers themselves.

Maduro Calls for Party Unity

Speaking at an event last night, Maduro made a number of comments regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections. Maduro urged his supporters to make sure to elect only “the most revolutionary” candidates, and that:

The deputy you elect has to play right alongside this guy right here [pointing to himself], because I am the President of the Republic and I need a National Assembly to govern and direct this homeland. It can’t just be any deputy.

Maduro also said that he was working on a new economic plan that would overcome the “incessant, brutal” economic war being waged against the Venezuela economy:

I was up until two in the morning with the central national team and with international assessors working out the details of the new phase of the plan against the economic war, on every aspect of it. Complementary imports, how CENCOEX works, ports, everything that has to do with the necessary imports into the country.

Although he did not provide any concrete details regarding the new economic phase, Maduro said that every governor, mayor, and citizen group would have a role to play “against the economic war”.

Opposition Politician Assaulted in Caracas

Saverio Vivas, a member of the Primero Justicia opposition party and National Assembly hopeful for a Caracas district, was assaulted today by a group of men as he campaigned in the Catia neighbourhood of the city.

Below, pictures Vivas in Catia earlier today:

El Nacional is reporting that Vivas and his party were assaulted by members of a colectivo armado: 

The image below appears to show members of the colectivo in question. Notice the hooded man in red pants is armed:

Last year, colectivos armados (pro-government armed groups) were widely observed by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International suppressing peaceful protests with violence, often within sight of security forces.

After the assault, Vivas took to Twitter to say:

These violent attacks only strengthen me to fight for change for our people.

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