Jose Guerra, a former high-level official with the Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) and current professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, has calculated that the rate of inflation in Venezuela for 2015 currently finds itself at the 21% mark. Guerra says that inflation increased by at least 12% in January and 8% in February. Guerra estimates that the total rate of inflation for the year 2015 will be somewhere between 110-120%.

By law, the BCV has to publish inflation data during the first ten days of every month. However, the BCV is 52 and 21 days late in publishing the data for January and February, respectively, leading Venezuelans to guess what the figures might be.

Earlier this week, Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles made a similar prediction, saying that inflation had reached 30% in the first three months of the year. Capriles said that a knowledgeable source had provided him with the figure, although he did not give a name.

Guerra blamed the rising inflation on three facts:

The acceleration of price [increases] is a consequence of the devaluation of our money, the dollar shortage and the printing of money by the BCV.

Wrecked Plane Carried 1 Tonne of Cocaine

The Public Ministry announced today that a small airplane was found crashed on a ranch in Cojedes state on Thursday. Upon reaching the scene, authorities found the bodies of three people, along with 999.06 kilograms of cocaine. The men have not been identified, and it is not clear at this moment where the plane took off from, or where it was headed.

The Public Ministry issued the following statement regarding the event:

The Public Ministry has commissioned deputies Marisela de Abreu and Luis Ramirez to oversee the investigation into the crashed airplane that carried 999.06 kilograms of cocaine. The event occurred in the overnight hours of Thursday, April 2, [in a ranch] in the Cañaote sector, Girardot municipality in Cojedes state.

The cocaine was found in 863 packages. Authorities were informed of the event by eye witnesses.

Families Protest Outside Rodeo III Prison

The family members of inmates of the Rodeo III prison in Guatire, Miranda state are currently staging a protest outside the facility after hearing that three prisoners had been killed in a riot yesterday. According to 2001, the inmates and their families are upset that some prisoners are being transferred to other prisons.

A journalist at the scene (@Angelicalugob) tweeted the image below, with the caption, “Yamileth Galiana confirms that her son Gleider Valero Galiana, 21 years old, died yesterday in Rodeo III”:

Below, some more pictures from the scene by @Angelicalugob:

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