BBC News uploaded a video on YouTube two days ago showing one of their correspondents trying to buy food in Caracas. The reporter, BBC Mundo’s Daniel Pardo, tried to find eight basic necessities in the city’s supermarkets: corn flour, milk, coffee, cooking oil, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish-washing soap, and toilet paper.

After several hours of line ups at a number of supermarkets, Daniel was only able to find three of the items on his list: corn flour, laundry detergent and dish-washing soap.

The video shows the frustrations of living through the scarcity in Venezuela. Near the beginning of the video, Daniel is forced to wait in line with dozens of people, not to be able to go into the supermarket, but rather to get a number that will later allow him to line up again to enter the store. Moreover, Daniel explains, there’s no guarantee that the supermarket even has the products he’s looking for.

The video can be seen below:

Rodriguez: Obama Talked Into Sanctions

Libertador municipality mayor and high-profile PSUV member Jorge Rodriguez said today that President Obama had been talked into placing sanctions against Venezuelan officials two weeks ago, and that the identity of the people who convinced him would be made public soon.

Rodriguez said:

We know, and we will reveal, who [talked Obama into the sanctions]. Maduro took a look at it yesterday. Don’t miss tonight’s [Con El Mazo Dando] with Diosdado Cabello. We know who it was who said ‘Yes, now is the time, apply the sanctions”.

Con El Mazo Dando is a television show hosted by Diosdado Cabello. It appears as if Rodriguez will be a guest on the show tonight, and will reveal the identity of the people he believes somehow convinced the president of the United States into placing sanctions on Venezuelan officials.

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