PSUV supporters took to the streets of Caracas today in commemoration of the violence that shook the country starting on February 27, 1989.

The demonstration began at the Plaza Brion and Chacaito. The demonstrators are scheduled to march west through Caracas to the Miraflores Palace.

Some pictures from the PSUV march in Caracas:

Maduro spoke to the gathered outside the Miraflores Palace starting at around 4:00 PM local time. During his speech, Maduro said:

The oligarchy that once looted the people is today defeated, and only a minority.

Maduro also said that before Chavez came to power, the Venezuelan government “ordered massacres, tortures, and ‘disappearances’ of youths”, and accused the current opposition of “using terrorism” to try to achieve its political goals.

Opposition Also Holds Marches

In San Cristobal, Tachira state, oppositions supporters took to the streets to voice their discontent with the crisis in the country. There, Maria Corina Machado spoke to the crowd:

If Maduro thought that he was going to force us to submit with bullets, taking refuge in an unconstitutional decree or by sending us to prison, the people of Tachira are here today, bravely, united in the streets, with an answer. No one can stop the will for a peaceful transition – within the constitution – toward democracy.

Below, pictures from the event in San Cristobal:

Miranda State Governor Henrique Capriles took to Twitter today to criticize the PSUV march in Caracas today as an extravagant show amidst the country’s socio-political crisis. Capriles said:

How much will yet another one of these government shows cost us? There’s lots of money for these government shows, but there’s none for hospital supplies!

Capriles also expressed support for the public servant workers who are forced to attend PSUV demonstrations against their will, saying:

To all the public servants who’ve been forced to march in so-called “support” for the disastrous government, we’re with you!

Kluivert’s Mom Asks for Respect

Kluivert Roa’s mother, Vivian Nunez, spoke to the media yesterday and asked for her respect for her son. Kluivert was killed by a National Police Officer during a demonstration this past week.

Nunez said:

I ask that you respect his memory, and that you don’t use him as a kind of trophy for the winner. I’m sure that he’s by God’s side now, and he deserves respect.

She also made a plea for the media in general as well as social media users to think twice before sharing the graphic images of her son’s death:

In the name of my family, I ask the media and social media users to not tarnish my son’s memory with pictures and videos. What happened to me could happen to you.

She also made a call for peace throughout the country, and urged Venezuelans to put aside their political differences and “love one another”.

15 Police Officers Suspected in Student Murders

Nine Colon Municipal Police and six Zulia Police officers have been arrested in connection with the murder of two students found dead in a field in Santa Cruz, Zulia state last week.

The two students – Alejandro Adonis Garcia and Jose Daniel Frias Pinto – were last seen being taken into police custody at a protest on February 17. Their bodies were found later in Santa Cruz. Their hands had been tied behind their backs, and both bodies showed signs of torture.

A special commission of the CICPC, Venezuela’s police investigative body, is in charge of the investigation.

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