Rodolfo Marco Torres, the Minister of the Economy, said that an official announcement regarding a planned increase in gas prices would come “soon”. Torres said:

There will soon be a very important announcement regarding the gas issue.  We’re making lots of progress there. There are going to be some excellent news and results. It’s not possible for a piece of candy to cost more than a liter of gas. 

Torres also added that Venezuelans “will pay a fair price” for gas, which is the cheapest in the world. A liter of gas in Venezuela costs fractions of a cent.

The last time the Venezuelan government tried to increase gas prices was in 1989. Violent rioting broke out throughout the country in response to the increase in an event known as El Carazo, leaving hundreds of people dead and forever changing the Venezuelan political landscape.

Cabello Says Rain Storm Stopped Coup

Speaking on his television show Con El Mazo Dando on Thursday evening, Diosdado Cabello gave the names of the seven air force officers accused of conspiring to launch a coup against the Maduro government. Cabello singled out one of the implicated men as being the group’s contact with the United States Embassy, which Cabello said had offered the men asylum in exchange for carrying out the coup.

Cabello also insinuated that a rain storm that rolled through Caracas on Thursday was to thank for stopping the final stages of the coup, which would have allegedly involved air attacks:

From what we’ve been able to discover so far, they were going to take off on an armed airplane with every intention to shoot our people. It could have been — look, that’s why this rain today was the best thing that could have happened. The best thing that could have happened is that it rained. What would have happened if we had been at the parade,  and they took off on that airplane, and in their madness, they had the idea to fire against that huge crowd of people?

Tintori: Lopez’s Life in Danger

Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo Lopez’s wife, said that her husband’s life was in danger in light of a number of violent searches of his cell that took place this week. Tintori explained through Twitter that one of the searches lasted over seven hours, and was not carried out by Ramo Verde prison officials, but rather by a group of unidentified men.

Lopez’s father, Leopoldo Lopez Gil, said that the head of Ramo Verde, Colonel Homero Miranda, personally oversaw the violent searches:

Colonel Miranda himself tore up some family pictures Leopoldo had up on his wall. They destroyed his documents and threw his things on the floor.

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