The home belonging to Flor Teresa, Leamsy Salazar’s mother, was raided by security officials last night. Teresa made the claim on NTN24, a Colombian news network.

Teresa said that a group of soldiers entered her home and rummaged through it. Teresa explained:

We’re not rich. We live in Catia, and I don’t understand why they raided our house because they didn’t find anything. They only took my son’s jacket from when he was in the Honour Guard and a picture. Leamsy is a brave man. Bolivar’s blood flows through him.

Earlier this week, the Spanish ABC newspaper reported that Salazar had fled Venezuela for the United States, where he is acting as a witness in a case which will see Diosdado Cabello accused of heading a drug cartel.

By all accounts – including that of Chavez himself – Salazar was a model soldier. Since the story of his defection broke, though, the PSUV have accused him of being a traitor and of playing a role in Chavez’s death.

Despite the government’s changing opinion of Salazar, his mother stressed that he is – and always had been – a good man. She said:

My son worked with President Hugo Chavez for twelve years. He loved the President. He’d give his life for him. He even introduced him to me once.
My son is a good Venezuelan. He’s a brave man who carries Bolivar’s blood. He doesn’t lie. 

Teresa explained that she had no prior knowledge of her son’s plan to escape the country:

The last time I spoke with my son was in December. I didn’t know he was in the U.S.

While Teresa considers herself to be a “chavista”,  when asked what she thought about Maduro, she said:

I don’t like Maduro. He’s the worst. You can’t find anything here, and there’s no food. 

Maduro: “Global Psychological War” Underway

Maduro announced yesterday that he was going to write a letter to United States President Barack Obama asking him to put an end to the conspiracy he believes the U.S. government is heading in an attempt to overthrow him. Maduro said that this U.S.-lead conspiracy is part of a “global psychological war” aimed at removing him from power.

Maduro explained:

Amongst other things, President Obama, I’m going to send you a latter – within the context of the historic moments the Revolution of Independence is going through in Venezuela – to demand that your government put an end to all of the financial, political, economical, psychological, and every other type of conspiracy against Venezuela.


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