Jesus Torrealba, the executive director of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD), the country’s official opposition bloc, made a speech today before supporters, and said that the Venezuelan opposition is “getting stronger every day”. Torrealba also said that the Venezuelan opposition is planning protests, the details of which would be announced tomorrow.

Torrealba also said:

The opposition is showing a process of cohesion that grows every day, and it is becoming more united every day.
Nicolas Maduro lies when he says that there’s an economic war. What we have here is a war economy. Venezuelans are living with a war economy, and faced with this war economy must take action.

Protests Flare up in San Cristobal

Small groups of protesters have been taking to the streets of San Cristobal, Tachira state over the last few days.

Deiby Jaimes, a 21 year old protester, said:

It’s time. There’s a social, economic and political crisis. When it comes to the economy, we’re completely lost.

Below, some pictures of the disturbances in the city this week:

Jaua: “Civil-Military Union” Vital for Peace

Minister of Communes and Social Movements Elias Jaua, spoke at an event before communal councils in La Guaira, Vargas state today. At the event, Jaua thanked the army for its daily efforts, and said that the close connection between the civilian and military spheres known in Venezuela as the union civico-militar “is the only guarantee for peace” in the country.

Jaua also said:

On the other side we’ve got the crazies, some of whom want guarimbas and others who want a coup d’eat (…) at the same time, this Bolivarian project which is directed today by President Maduro, is the guarantor of peace, stability, and of continued support for working men and women.

Poll: 86.2% Blame Maduro for Long Lines

A poll conducted by Hercon found that 86.2% of respondents felt that Maduro is “principally responsible” for the long-lines Venezuelans have been experiencing at supermarkets and other food establishments around the country.

The poll asked the question “According to your opinion, who is principally responsible for the long lines to buy food?”, to which 86.2% of respondents answered “Nicolas Maduro”. 5.5% of Venezuelans blamed the MUD (the official opposition bloc), while 3.1% blamed “El Imperio”.

When asked, “Do you think that this government should continue until 2019 [when national elections are scheduled] or should it be substituted by another as soon as possible”, 83.3% answered that it should be replaced as soon as possible.

The poll was conducted via telephone, with the phone numbers pulled from the national voter’s list. There were 1,200 respondents. It was conducted between January 7 and 12 of this year.

Maduro Makes “Pit Stop” in Portugal

Maduro and his family continued their world tour today, making a “pit stop” in Portugal.

Jacqueline Faria, the Minister of Communication and Information, tweeted:

Pit stop in Portugal, where we went over the progress made in agreements involving energy, housing, public works, and air lines.

Below, a picture of Maduro and some of his entourage in Portugal today:

Venezuelan Oil Down $3.25 This Week

The price of Venezuelan oil continued its seemingly bottomless decline today, closing the week at $39.19 per barrel. The price is down $3.25 compared to last week.

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