Miranda state governor and opposition leader Henrique Capriles gave a speech today in which he declared the government’s “dream” of a revolution “is over”, and that it is time for the Venezuelan people to “activate their voices” and demand change. Speaking on the current government, Capriles said:

This model is unsustainable. It’s over. And the time for action has come. 

Explaining that “whoever plays alone loses”, Capriles said that he has drafted an action plan and is going to share with with opposition parties and leaders.

Capriles also highlighted the absurdity of the scarcity crisis in the country, saying:

Over the last twelve years, $ 776,387 billion dollars have come into this country but there’s no soap to shower with.

At the same time, Capriles called on supporters to not engage in the guarimbas that paralysed section of the country last year:

The situation the country finds itself in is grave, and the ideal thing would be to change governments (…) but the guarimba is convenient for the government. Today, the guarimba in Venezuela is actually the government.

Capriles also made it clear that what he proposes is not the violent overthrow of the government, but rather a democratic and constitutional transition from the current government to a new one:

We who believe in democracy don’t overthrow governments: we change governments.
The country needs for the constitution to be respected and for this struggle to take place in the political arena…

The full press conference (lasting a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes) can be seen here in Spanish.

Cabello: Scarcity Caused by Bourgeois

PSUV Vice-President and National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello gave a speech today in which said that the country’s scarcity crisis was caused by the bourgeois. While he did not explain exactly how the bourgeois are causing the scarcity, Cabello did not hold back and insisted that business owners should be persecuted:

If you’re lining up, it’s the bourgeois’ fault… Do you know why you’re lining up? Because of the right wing!
Scarcity is a result of the economic war, which the bourgeois is directing.
We shouldn’t seize warehouses. We should seize businesses and fight against the business owners (…) we shouldn’t hesitate, we should apply the constitution. 

During the same event, which was held in honour of Maduro, Vargas state Governor Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro said:

There’s no scarcity [in Venezuela]. There’s love. 

Gov’t Takes Over Business Accused of Hoarding

Vice-President Jorge Arreaza announced today that government officials had taken over nine sites registered to the Hermanos Herrera company. The sites are spread out across the states of Anzoategui, Bolivar, Sucre, Monagas, Falcon, and Zulia.

Arreaza explained that the company was being taken off the hands of its owners because it was suspected of hoarding. According to Arreaza, government officials inspected the sites and found: 135.5 tonnes of detergent, 160,000 diapers, 50.7 tonnes of milk, 38.2 tonnes of rice, 159,000 tuna cans, 278,696 cereal boxes, 94,000 razors and 80,000 shampoo bottles.

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