A group of approximately 12 youths have chained themselves together in Plaza Altamira, Caracas, where they’ve been for approximately 22 hours. The students claim that they will remain in place until all of the students still in prison as a result of this year’s protests are released.

Below, some pictures taken of the demonstration throughout the day;

Man Murdered, Suspect Lynched

Neighbours from Ocumare de la Costa, Aragua state lynched a Venezuelan army solider whom they suspected in the murder of 51 year-old William Ramon Diaz Infante, a local resident.

According to El Siglo, residents saw a man in military fatigues leaving William’s home on his son’s motorcycle. Concerned, the residents entered the home to ensure that Williams was aware that someone had taken his son’s motorcycle. Inside the home, the residents found William had been stabbed to death.

The residents spread word of William’s murder, and soon a manhunt began for the solider on the motorcycle.

The soldier, 24 year-old Jose Alfredo Pereira, was found later in the day. A crowd of approximately 80 people beat him to death.

William was loved throughout the community. He was heavily involved in the city’s sports and cultural scene, winning a coveted dance award in 2011.

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