Internal PSUV elections got underway today to elect the 3,988 chiefs of the Circulos de Lucha Populares y del Buen Vivir [Popular Struggle and Well Being Circles]. The chiefs make up the vanguard of the PSUV.

While voting in the Gato Negro neighbourhood of Caracas, Maduro called the PSUV the most “democratic and creative [political party] in the history of Venezuela”, and said:

… internally, we have the strength of popular democracy, of the new democratic, social and legal state.

Looking forward to the 2015 parliamentary elections, Maduro called on supporters to make sure that Venezuela continues to enjoy “peace and democracy”  by voting for PSUV candidates next year. Maduro also said:

There are many big tasks, and one of them has to be guaranteeing that the revolution continues in democracy and peace and in order for the revolution, Venezuela, to continue to enjoy peace and democracy, we need a big electoral win in the parliamentary elections for the National Assembly in 2015.

PSUV vice-president Diosdado Cabello voted in Monagas state, and said:

We feel satisfied and happy because we’re following in the footsteps of president Chavez. Today, we have exercised a democratic right to strengthen the party to build a socialist country.

Rodeo Mutiny Quelled

A mutiny at the Rodeo prison complex in Guatire that saw the prison’s director and several guards taken hostage by hundreds of inmates ended yesterday evening.

Yasmin Gabana, the prison’s director, was freed. Two inmates were killed, and eight other people were injured, including family members who had gathered outside of the prison throughout the day.

Navy Receives Chinese Vehicles; Melendez Dismisses Coup Fears

The Venezuelan navy acquired a shipment of Chinese ZBL-09 of the VN1 variety. The Navy confirmed the news through its website, saying that the vehicles will serve with the Venezuelan Marine Infantry.

A Venezuelan delegation travelled to China and met with executives from the North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), who manufacture the vehicles. They are expected to be delivered in the next few days.

Below, pictures from the Venezuelan delegation in China today:

At an unrelated event today, Minister of the Interior Carmen Melendez downplayed any coup fears, saying:

There’s no danger [of a coup]. The armed forces are more cohesive and stronger than ever (…) We guarantee the stability of the country and we also guarantee the stability of our National Bolivarian Armed Forces, which are stronger than ever.

26 Killed in Caracas this weekend

The Bello Monte morgue in Caracas accepted 26 bodies this weekend. One of them was Anderson Figuera, a 19 year old motorcycle taxi driver, who was killed under mysterious circumstances on Thursday.

According to Figuera’s mother, Anderson had gone to pick up a client at around noon on Thursday. Half an hour later, Figuera’s mother received a phone call informing her that her son had been shot and had been taken to the Ana Perez de Leon de Petare hospital in Petare, Caracas.

Due to a lack of medical supplies at the hospital, Figuera was transferred to the Domingo Luciani clinic in El Llanito. One there, Figuera’s mother said that she was informed by a police officer that her son had been killed in a robbery. At that time, Figuera’s family members went to a local police office to give statements. Once there, they were informed by police officers that Figuera had actually been killed in a shootout with police.

Figuera’s parents refuse to believe the story, saying that Anderson was a hard working young man who had never had problems with the law. They believe that the police are trying to incriminate him for some reason.

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