Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo Lopez’s wife, said that she was denied visitation rights with her husband, since he is being held in isolation as a punishment at the Ramo Verde military prison near Caracas. Tintori made the announcement through Twitter:

She also told of the exchange she had with the men guarding the entrance to the prison when she asked to see Leopoldo today:

I asked [the guards]: Why don’t you let me see Leopoldo?” And the Colonel replied: Porque NO. [Literally, “because no”, akin to “because I said so”.]

Tintori also explained that she has been unable to see her husband since October 8. She also recounted a recent exchange she had with Leopoldo:

I yelled, “Leopoldo! Are you in isolation?” And he answered: “Yes, I’m in isolation. I can’t see the sun. I’ve been here for three weeks”.

When she heard some of the other prisoners begin to yell, Tintori said, the facility’s emergency sirens began to wail, making it impossible for the parties to continue to communicate.

New Laws Strengthen Communal Councils

The Maduro government signed into law two bills this granting increasing power and influence to the country’s consejos comunales [communal councils]. The councils are community-based organizations made up by residents to look after the benefit and improvement of communities. The laws came into effect through the Gaceta Oficial No. 40.540 signed on November 13.

The two laws increase project funding and offload some powers from the municipal and state level onto the councils. The laws now give the council much more power when it comes to matter of:

… health, educational centre maintenance, material production and home building, community sports policies, sports and cultural facility maintenance, urban area conservation, administration and presentation of public and financial services, and distribution of basic necessities.

Iran and Venezuela Urge OPEC for Production Decrease

Iran and Venezuela have asked OPEC to decrease oil production to help curb the commodity’s dramatic price decrease, which has seen it loose 30% of its value over the last four years.

Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez is in Tehran, where he issued a statement on the situation, saying:

We believe that the prices are at a very low level and instability in the market is in no one’s interest (…) A hundred dollars per barrel is the desirable price for Venezuela.

Oil prices are currently sitting at around $79 per barrel, down from $115 in June.

200+ Murders in Caracas In First 14 Days of November

200 murder victims have been admitted into Caracas’ only morgue in the first 14 days of November according to Diario 2001 reporter Jenny Oropeza.

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