The PSUV rolled out a new tool for fighting enemies within the party: an anonymous tip line through which PSUV members can accuse fellow members of political ill-intent. The tip line comes in the form of a telephone number and e-mail address. PSUV members are encouraged to submit information regarding suspicious party members through the two channels.

Francisco Ameliach, governor of Carabobo state and vice-president of PSUV Organization and Electoral Affairs unveiled the system through Twitter yesterday, saying:

The militant who promotes disunity should be denounced through: denunciainfiltrados@gmail.com [literally, “denounceinfiltratos@gmail.com”, and through SMS text message at 04169425792

Yesterday, Ameliach spoke on the threat that gave rise to the new mechanism on his television show Hablando de Poder, saying:

The most harmful enemy is the internal enemy. It’s whoever says that they’re a chavista, but they’e not.

Ameliach did not provide any information regarding who exactly operates the tip line, how the tips will be processed, or what the consequences would be for anyone accused of being an internal enemy of the PSUV.

Judge Denies U.N. Call for Lopez’s Release

After weeks of silence, judge Susana Barreiros denied a request by the United Nations to immediately release Leopoldo Lopez from the Ramo Verde military prison on the grounds that his arrest and detention were arbitrary and politically-motivated.

The ruling was confirmed by Lopez’s father, Leopoldo Lopez Gil, at approximately 4:30 EST time. Gil was in attendance in the courtroom when the judge rendered her ruling. At this time, the details of the ruling are unknown.

In early October, the United Nations Work Group on Arbitrary Detention called for Lopez’s immediate release, after declaring that his arrest was entirely motivated by politics.

Cabello Lashes Out Against Colombian Ambassador

National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello implicitly accused Colombian ambassador to Venezuela Luis Eladio Perez of lying to protect Colombian ex-President Alvaro Uribe. On Tuesday, Perez gave an interview on Colombian radio in which he said that as far as he knew, Robert Serra’s killer was not a Colombian citizen despite Venezuelan claims to the contrary.

Cabello said:

The [Colombian] ambassador made some weird statements. Who are you trying to defend, sir? (…) I suspect I know who you’re trying to defend, because I think that you know part of what we’re investigating.

Without mentioning his name, Cabello appears to have been referring to Colombian ex-President Alvaro Uribe. Uribe has been frequently blamed by the Venezuelan government of trying to destabilize the country.

Cabello, who made the remarks during his television show Con El Mazo Dando, proceeded to call Perez’s remarks “rude” and said:

They [Colombian diplomats] come here and sueltan la lengua [literally, “let their tongues loose”, akin to “open their big mouths”] and they think that because they’re diplomatic representatives no one will say anything.

Finally, an undated picture (tweeted today by Voluntad Popular) showing Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo Lopez’s wife, at the gate of the Ramo Verde military prison carrying one of her children:

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