The price of Venezuelan oil continues to fall, ending the week at $77.65 per barrel. Today’s price equals a decrease of $5.07 from that of last week. Today’s numbers mark the lowest price for oil so far this year.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Oil and Mining, the falling oil prices reflect “ample supply and a global deceleration of demand for oil”.

The average price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil so far this year sits at $94.58, compared to $98.08 in 2013 and $103.42 in 2012.

Serra Murder Case Developments

Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz said today that arrest warrants had been issued for seven people in connection with the October 1 murder of PSUV Deputy Robert Serra and his partner, Maria Herrera.

Diaz said that two of the seven suspects had been given “Red Alert” statuses by Interpol in order to facilitate their capture should they decide to leave the country.

In addition to these seven suspects, two others are currently in detention: Edwin Torres Camacho and Carlos Enrique Garcia, both of whom have been charged with murder.

Yesterday, Minister of Justice and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres spoke on the Serra case, saying that the someone had paid $250,000 for the assassination. Torres also said:

They came from Colombia with all that money which not everyone has, and they killed our comrade Robert Serra.

Colectivo Calls for March

The colectivo Frente 5 Marzo – in the news recently after a violent confrontation with CICPC officers left five people dead – has called for the resignation of Minister of Justice and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres.

A spokesperson for the colectivo, Simon Bernal, said:

Minister Torres wallowed on the massacred corpses of our dead. They [the government] called them delinquents.
The revolution is becoming mortally wounded. We stand before the first massacre of the Fifth Republic [the Bolivarian period], supposedly underneath the umbrella of the government. Do we live in a country where privilege exists? The high government [officials] live well, and the people continue to [live poorly].
The people will take to the streets to demand justice and vindication for our dead. The actions of Rodriguez Torres must be reviewed.

Bernal also invited other colectivos to march alongside his own from the Plaza Sucre in Caracas to the Attorney General’s office on October 23.

Tintori Meets U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo Lopez’s wife, met with Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein today, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Tintori spoke on the occasion, saying:

I feel very honoured and thankful that the high commission, the United Nation’s highest human rights institution, has received me to listen directly about the daily realities of the Venezuelan people… as is the fact that the right to life in Venezuela is not respected. Every 20 minutes, a person dies in the country. As is the case with the right to food, which is violated thanks to scarcity and inflation. As is the case with the constant fear with which we live thanks to insecurity.

Tintori also said that the high commissioner was “very worried” about Lopez’s incarceration, and that he assured her that a public statement regarding Lopez’s situation would be made public in the coming days.

Below, a picture of Lilian Tintori with Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein:

Earlier this week, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention called for Lopez’s immediate release, calling his arrest and imprisonment “arbitrary”.

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