The Serra murder investigation continued to make headlines today in Venezuela.

Freddy Bernal, a PSUV National Assembly deputy, spoke on the Robert Serra murder, and explained that it was carried out by foreign forces:

Behind the Robert Serra murder was a two-month planification period. They found a vulnerability in his security detail and that allowed a foreign force to get to work (…) and the intention beyond murdering him was to cause terror, and that’s why he talked about paramilitary inoculation.

Bernal also said that it is possible that more, similar murders might take place:

The Robert Serra murder is a tragic event that falls within the realm of that practice of causing terror inside politics. It’s possible that these kinds of events will continue to occur. What should we do? Be united and conscientious.

The deputy did not offer any evidence for any of his claims.

Serra Murder Suspects Named

The names of the two men arrested under suspicion of having murdered Robert Serra and his partner last week are called Eduwin Torres and Carlos Garcia. They face charges of aggravated murder, associating for the purposes of committing a crime, and “other crimes”, according to a release by the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia. They face a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

Aside from their names, no other information regarding the suspects was released. The two are being held in the SEBIN headquarters in Caracas.

Foreign Minister: “Imperialist Sectors” Influencing Oil Prices

Speaking form Moscow, Russia, Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez said in an interview that countries like the United States are actively attempting to “affect production in oil-producing countries”, and that Venezuela has “a right to receive a fair price for our natural resource”.

Crude oil prices hit a 4-year low last week. Venezuelan crude ended the week at $82.72 per barrel, down $3.17 for the week.

Ramirez also said that Venezuela was opposed to the economic sanctions affecting Russia as a result of its invasion and continued occupation of Ukraine. Ramirez qualified the sanctions as “mechanisms of interference”.


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