National Assembly PSUV deputy Robert Serra and his partner, Maria Herrera, were found murdered inside their home in the west side of Caracas last night.

Miguel Rodriguez Torres, the Minister of the Interior and Justice, spoke today on Serra’s murdered, saying:

We are dealing with an intentional homicide, one which was planned and executed with a great degree of precision. According to the evidence we’ve obtained, the murder was planned, organized to the last detail and very technical.

Torres, who personally assisted with the crime scene investigation in the early morning hours today, said that the crime occurred over a period of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. He also said that it appeared as if Serra and his partner had been killed by armour-piercing bullets [CORRECTION: I made a translation error, resulting in this incorrect description of the murder. Serra and his partner were stabbed to death. I apologize for this mistake.]

Torres did not say if the authorities yet know who might have planned and carried out the murder.

Serra was a radical PSUV supporter who once said that he did not believe that the Venezuelan opposition did not have a single redeeming quality, and that the difference between “opposition women” and “PSUV women” was that the former only cared about “physical things and silicone”.

Despite his fiery brand of politics, opposition figures took to Twitter last night and throughout the day today to give their condolences:

The death of any Venezuelan deserves our energetic rejection. [we call] for the end of the violence, may peace come to the soul of Deputy Robert Serra

My condolences to the family and friends of deputy Robert Serra and of his wife Maria Herrera; rest in peace

Serra Tied to 2012 Murder

On July 24, 2012, the body of an officer from the CICPC was found on the Avila mountain in Caracas. Alexis Barreto Venezuela killed by a single bullet to the head. Neither his sidearm nor any of his personal belongings had been stolen. He was freshly bathed, and only his knees were dirty, presumable from when he had been made to kneel before being executed.

Barreto was working as a Robert Serra’s personal escort at the time. His mother, Irene Venezuela, is convinced that Serra either committed the murder himself, or actively hid the killer’s identity. In a 2013 interview, she explained:

In my opinion, the man who killed my son works inside the National Assembly. I, as his mother, feel like that people he worked with are involved in his death. Why, if the deputy [Serra] is innocent, has he not faced me?
My son left that day at 8:00 AM. He went in his SUV and I told him to be careful because I could see his gun. He got to his officer at around 9:30 or 10, and we never heard from him again. He didn’t come home that night, and that seemed strange because he always told us when he would be out late. The next morning, I left early to go to the deputy’s [Serra] house, and when we got there we got the call that they had found his body.

Irene believes that whoever killed her son was known to him, since there was no sign of struggle and none of his processions were stolen. She continued:

They [the government] can’t bring me some homeless person from the Gauire [an area of Caracas] to tell me that he was the one who killed my son because I won’t believe them. He went up that mountain with someone he trusted, and I know that Robert Serra won’t be surprised to hear what I’m telling him.

Adding fuel to Irene’s suspicion was the fact that despite repeated calls for updates in the investigation, she did not hear anything from Serra’s office. At the time of the interview – which took place in April of 2013 – it had been almost nine months since Alexis’ murder, and no progress had been made in the investigation.

Opposition Rally Postponed

An opposition rally originally scheduled for this Saturday was postponed out of respect for Serra’s murder. Jesus Torrealba, the leader of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, made the announcement today, saying:

… We have taken the decision to postpone the rally initially planned for this Saturday, October 3… in alignment with our policy of uniting this country and its people.

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