Following the increase in price of household cleaning products, dish soap, and household disinfectants earlier this week, the following items became more expensive today: sanitary pads, deodorant and razors. The prices of these items had been frozen since 2012.

The increases were announced today by the Superintendencia Nacional para la Defensa de los Derechos Socioeconomicos [National Superintendency for the Defence of Socio-economic Rights] (SUNDEE), the government agency responsible for setting and controlling prices for consumer goods in Venezuela.

Sanitary pads increased in price by between 29% and 118% (depending on the type). Deodorant prices increased by between 6.8% and 131% (only one type decreased in price by 0.5%), and razors prices increased by between 0.4% and 35%.

In total, over the past two weeks, the prices of 8 basic necessities have increased substantially.

Superintendent of Fair Prices Andres Eloy Mendez said that the limits placed by the government on how much businesses are allowed to profit are not entirely out of the ordinary, and that “efficient [price] controls”, along with a strong state, are necessary to create an economy in which “the Venezuelan people are protected”.

Maduro Defends Fingerprint Scanners

Speaking on the fingerprint scanners due out around the country’s supermarkets later this year, Maduro said that the system was the miracle cure the country has been waiting for to solve the scarcity crisis:

Just the existence of the fingerprint scanner means that the smuggler cannot enter a store. The fingerprint scanners liberate Venezuela, liberates her from smugglers.

He also attempted to ease fears that the rationing would be restrictive, saying that each family would have a “point of equilibrium”, and that the system would work to fit everyone’s needs accordingly.

Author of “Our Chavez” Speaks Out

Last week, during a PSUV event, a woman by the name of Estrella Uribe performed a prayer in honour of Hugo Chavez called “Our Chavez”. The prayer is a modified version of The Lor’ds Prayer recited by Catholics world wide. A video of the prayer (starting at 1:20) is found below, along with my translation:

Our Chavez who art in heaven, in the earth, in the same, and in us,
the delegates.
Blessed be your name. May your legacy come to us so that we may take it to all of the people near and far.
Give us your light for guidance every day. Do not let us fall
into the temptation of capitalism.
and deliver us from the evil of the oligarchy.
Because from us and for us is our homeland, peace, and life. Forever and ever, Amen. Viva Chavez!

The prayer drew the ire of the Venezuelan Catholic Church, who demanded that the PSUV “respect the Our Father”

Uribe spoke for the first time on the controversy her re-written version of the popular prayer caused, simply saying that she did not mean to offend anyone, and that she prayers both the original Our Father along with Our Chavez.

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