Yesterday, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz sought to quell rumours that Leopoldo Lopez was being held in solitary confinement at the Ramo Verde military prison outside of Caracas. Diaz said that Lopez had access to a refrigerator and a bookshelf, “two parrots”, and that he was even allowed to attend Sunday Mass.

Earlier today, Ivan Simonovis – another political prisoner and fellow Ramo Verde inmate – was able to get out a message through Twitter, which he addressed directly to the Attorney General:

In English:

Mrs. @lortegadiaz @leopoldolopez might have a refrigerator, hammock and an armchair, but HE IS ISOLATED from the rest of the inmates in Ramo Verde.

Amnesty International – speaking on a case involving inmates held in solitary confinement in California prisons – called on the state to use the technique of holding inmates with minimal human contact “only as a last resort” in the most extreme cases where an inmates behaviour creates “a severe and ongoing threat to the safety of others”.

Scarcity Continues to Devastate Medical Field

The Colegio de Enfermeros de Venezuela [College of Venezuelan Nurses] announced today that basic medical necessities are absent 76% of the time, meaning that at least seven out of ten basic medical supplies “cannot be found or are found in poor state”.

The president of the Federacion Venezolana de Medicina [Venezuelan Federation of Medicine], Douglas Leon Natera, said that Venezuela’s 300 medical centers remain open mostly due to:

… the commitment made by doctors and nurses, who continue to work despite not having all the supplies they need. Sometimes, they even buy [the supplies] themselves.

Food Vendor Murdered for Watch, Shoes

In a case typical of the country’s dire security situation, 23 year old street food vendor Dani Diaz was murdered this past Thursday in the El Valle neighbourhood of Caracas. The assailants then took Diaz’s shoes, cellphone, and shoes.

In a similarly cold-blooded case, 24 year old Jhon Freites was killed in broad daylight during a robbery in Catia yesterday. Freites received fatal bullet wounds to the face and chest. The robbers ran off without taking any of Freite’s processions.

Antonio Freites, Jhon’s brother, said:

This is out of control. It’s like we live in a city in the [wild] west, where life doesn’t mean anything.

Between Friday night and this morning, 12 murder victims were deposited at the Bello Monte morgue in Caracas, the city’s only such facility.

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