Venezuela became more isolated today after United Continental Holdings Inc. – the parent company of United and Continental Airlines – announced that starting in September, its United Airlines daily flight to Caracas from Houston would cease to exist.

The company also announced that starting on September 17, it would reduce the number of weekly flights to Caracas from U.S. destinations to four, down from seven. The Wednesday, Friday and Sunday flights will be cancelled starting on that date.

According to the company, the Venezuelan government owes them approximately $100 million.

More Opposition Figures Face Arrest

National Assembly deputies Juan Carlos Aleman (PSUV-Distrito Capital, Circuito 5) and Robert Serra (PSUV-Distrito Capital, Circuito 2) filed the necessary paperwork requesting that the public prosecutor’s office launch investigations into the actions of Chacao Mayor Ramon Muchacho and Primero Justicia deputy Julio Borges. The PSUV deputies claim that the opposition figures named in their complaint “betrayed the homeland” when they spoke at an event in Spain hosted by the Fundacion para el Analisis y Estudios Sociales [Foundation for the Analysis and Study of Social Sciences]. Serra explained:

The document we’ve brought here today comes from a visit they [Muchacho and Borges] made to Spain, where they asked a foreign country for some things and [thus] delegitimatized state institutions.

While it is not entirely clear how exactly the men attending the event would constitute treason, given the nationalist leanings of the PSUV, it is likely that the mere fact that they attended an event where Venezuela was talked about in a less-than-positive light could be seen as an offense by the PSUV.

Maduro Continues to Push For “Civil-Military Union”

Maduro continued beating the drum for the so-called “civil-military union”, a melding of the military and civic sphere in which the boundary between uniformed soldier and PSUV militant is blurred.

At an event in Yaracuy state, Maduro said:

The vaccine against a coup d’etat is the insoluble civil-military union. Everyday civil-military union… union based on the Constitution, union based on the Plan de Patria [the PSUV roadmap for Venezuela] which is the law of the Republic, union based on work… it’s a key component.

Maduro also stressed that his government works “on a daily basis” to tackle the scarcity and security crises. He also said that his government is fighting “a permanent battle” for the economy, and called on Venezuelans to “persevere and join us” when it comes to implementing the economic policies he argues will bring Venezuela out of the deep hole it’s currently in.


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