Miranda Governor Henrique Capriles attended a Popular Assembly [a Town Hall meeting] in Barlovento, Miranda, and made some comments regarding the poverty crisis in the country. Capriles said:

The current [national] model that the government defends has failed. It’s not possible for Venezuela, with so much oil, to have communities that don’t [have access] to water. Don’t think that the water problem is due to a drought, it’s due to planning problems. There are so many roads that are paved and then they go ahead and remove the asphalt. Who controls that? The enchufados [literally, “plugged-in”, roughly “lackey”]  dedicate their time to wasting resources on billboards [and publicity], covering all of the roads [with ads] saying that Maduro is one with the people, but the reality is another. To the enchufados, the priorities are inverted. To them, the most important thing is to take care of their own little bit of power, not to look out for the necessities of the people.

National Airlines Receive Foreign Currency

The Minister of Aquatic and Areal Transportation, Luis Graterol, announced today that national airlines will receive approximately $186 million corresponding to the years 2012 and 2013 in order to help pay their debts.

Graterol assured that the sum would allow the airlines to “continue providing their great service”. He also spoke about the ongoing meetings to settle the outstanding debt with international airlines, saying:

Through these meetings, we’ve found the next opening for for routes to the United States in order to open up a new option so that Venezuelans can have that type of [fare] at their disposal.

While Graterol did not specifically mention which airlines had agreed to fly new routes to and from Venezuela, he did say that details would be made public “soon”.

The news comes at a time when a number of international airlines have suspended or significantly reduced flights to and from Venezuela thanks to the government’s inability to repay debt.

El Hatillo Mayor Speaks in Panama

David Smolansky, the mayor of El Hatillo, spoke at a ceremony marking the taking of office by Ciudad de Panama’s new mayor, Jose Isabel Blandon.. Smolansky took the opportunity to speak about the situation that Venezuelan mayors find themselves in. Smolansky said:

… [there are] abuses in Venezuela, specially in the cases of the mayors [Scarano and Ceballos] who are arrested unjustly.

Finally, a video showing confrontations between demonstrators and security forces in the El Cardenalito neighbourhood of Barquisimeto, Lara state back on June 25.

The video shows a small group of protesters throwing rocks and molotov cocktails are National Guard trucks:



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