Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz made a couple of interesting comments today. In an interview with Jose Vicente Rangel on Televen, Diaz said that the Public Ministry was currently acting against individuals and business implicated in the massive corruption that permeated through CADIVI and cost the government 20 billion dollars in two years. Diaz gave the following statistics:

  • 2272 total CADIVI “users” are under investigation. 1490 are individuals, while 782 are corporations.
  • 237 individuals have been charged, 49 have been accused and 34 have been handed sentences in connection with the investigations.
  • 38 corporations have been charged, 31 have been accused, and four have been handed sentences.

She also gave details regarding an alleged attack against the Public Ministry building that apparently happened earlier this week:

Thursday overnight, some people drove by the Public Ministry building and shot at it. Fortunately, there was no major damage. Some political factions are angry that there is peace in the country, that people are able to move around peacefully and that there is peace and harmony [in the country].

Diaz’s comments regarding the “peace and harmony” blanketing the country came alongside revelations that there were 343 murder victims in Caracas alone during the first 28 days of June.

During the same interview, Diaz lashed out against protesters by dismissing the legitimacy of all protests:

They pretend that those events they staged throughout the country were protests, but that’s not true… someone even died because they didn’t know how to use a mortar, one of the ones who died in Zulia. There have been 43 people killed now due to the events that have taken place since [the attack] on the Public Ministry on February 12. There have been 873 people hurt as a result of those violent actions that a group of Venezuelans started.

Opposition Still Open to Dialogue

The dialogue between the government and the opposition, which has been at a stand-still for months, is still a viable alternative for the opposition, according to the executive director of the official opposition, Ramon Guillermo Aveledo:

We haven’t closed the window for dialogue, but there has to be a willingness on behalf of the Executive [to find] a solution.

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