Maria Corina Machado answered her summons today in connected with the conspiracy plot the government alleges she is involved in. Maria Corina was summoned to appear at the attorney general’s office today to make an official statement. Maria Corina arrived at the attorney general’s office in Caracas at around 9:00 AM this morning Once there, she spoke before the press briefly. The video, and my translation, are below:

I came here today armed with my principles, my values, my deep democratic beliefs and my love for Venezuela. I also come accompanied by the trust and solidarity of the millions of Venezuelans [and those] who elected me to be their voice, their representative. (…) They can’t detain me because I haven’t committed any crime, and because I am a [National Assembly] deputy, and by being a deputy, before I am investigated, there must be an impeachment. But above all else, because there isn’t a single shred of evidence that I’ve committed any crime. I have always acted within the law and the constitution, and with a calm conscience. (…) I believe in justice, and I’ve always been willing to collaborate, so that justice may exist in Venezuela.

Maria Corina was interrogated for seven hours. When asked about what she she said during the interrogation, Maria Corina said:

I told the truth, and my conscience is that of someone who has always worked within the constitution, my values and the truth. This is a struggle for morals and the truth. (…) All of the force of the State cannot suppress the conscience of a free citizen. The sum of each moral victory of the citizen before the dictatorship is what creates political victory.

At the end of the interrogation, Maria Corina also explained that while she could not talk in detail about what had transpired during the course of the day, she did say that she requested access to her lawyers as well as access to the evidence against her, and both requests were denied.

In Other News

The Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, called the situation in Venezuela “an emblematic case of the weakening of democratic institutions”.

Finally, the Asociacion de Lineas Aereas de Venezuela (Association of Venezuelan Airlines) revealed today that out of the 25 international airlines that operate in the country, 16 have yet to receive any kind of agreement from the Venezuelan government regarding the repaying of a multi-billion dollar debt. The affected airlines include Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, Lufthansa, and United Airlines.


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