Ivan Simonovis – considered by the opposition in Venezuela to be a political prisoner – announced that he would be ending his hunger strike tomorrow. Simonovis has been on a hunger strike since this past Tuesday, with the goal of bringing attention to his situation. Simonovis wanted to hear a response from the courts regarding some requests he had made, including one that he may be released on humanitarian grounds due to rapidly deteriorating health.

Yesterday, a judge delivered an opinion on his case, ordering Simonovis to stay in jail since she believed him to be “in generally stable condition”.

On the judgement, Simonovis said:

The judge made her decision based on a [medical] report from 8 months ago and rejected the latest 4, including 2 from military doctors.

Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan vice president, made some comments today some in the opposition are viewing as vague threats. Arreaza said:

President Maduro gave us instructions to communicate with some members of the Mesa de Unidad Democratica (MUD), to tell them that they had to take care of themselves because these threats are against all of us.

By “these threats”, Arreaza appears to have been referring to the latest claim of a coup by the government. Arreaza did not provide any more details.

There was a demonstration in Valencia today in part to mark the 100 days since governor Amealich called for the colectivos armados to launch a “fulminating counter attack” against the protesters. The demonstrators also marched in solidarity with Andres Leon, a student who was detained around May 5th by security forces and accused of five crimes, including resisting authority and conspiracy. Andres is currently still under detention, and is being held in a clinic in Naguanagua, where he has been since May 6 after developing “strong cardiac problems, [and] respiratory and infectious complications”.

There was also a demonstration in Prados del Este, Caracas. Below are some pictures of the congregation:

The sign reads, “Free the students”:

Finally, a video from San Cristobal, Tachira apparently shot during demonstrations there earlier this week. The video shows demonstrators exchanging rocks with security forces:

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