Elias Jaua, the Foreign Minister, said today that he is going to denounce the United States before a bunch of international organizations (including the UN) because there are apparently sanctions coming against top PSUV officials from Washington. He said that he’s going to argue that there is no international legal framework for sanctions, so it looks like he’s trying to pre-emptively set the tone for any possible future sanctions.

Representatives from the MUD met today in private with members of UNASUR, and apparently they were going to discuss the reasons why the MUD decided to postpone the dialogue with the government this past week. They were also scheduled to talk about the situation of the political prisoners in Venezuela.

On the topic of minimum wage, this article argues that if one takes an average exchange rate of 15 Bs., the minimum wage in Venezuela sits at 283.4$. This number is 36.8% lower than it was in 2009. The article claims that this decrease is at least partially blamed on the repeated devaluations of the bolivar over the past five years, as well as inflation. The article points out that the purchasing power of people living on minimum wage decreased 7% in 2013.

Finally, two pictures from a demonstration in Valencia today. The big sign in the picture below reads, “Venezuela does not give up”, while the smaller one on the right reads, “WITHOUT Health, WITHOUT Security, WITHOUT Food, WITHOUT Fear”:

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