Today, members of the student movement organized a march called “March for Liberty and Justice” in Caracas. The demonstration moved down the Francisco de Miranda avenue when the National Guard intercepted the demonstrators. The National Guard attempted to disperse the students with tear gas, and the confrontation ended with at least 90 students under arrest. The detained were taken to undisclosed locations.

Below are some pictures of the demonstration:

The banner in the picture below reads, “Our dreams cannot fit in a cell”:

While some of the people arrested were being moved away from the scene inside a bus, a National Guard soldier was accidentally run over. I do not know his status, but in this picture he appears to be conscious, and is being treated for an injury to his foot or leg:

The moment when the detained were grouped and taken away was filmed partially by a cameraman from the news website La Patilla. The video is below:

At the beginning of the video, the cameraman points how how the National Guard are blocking the press from taking pictures of the scenes by making a shield wall. At around 4:30, a National Guard soldier stands in front of the cameraman, and attempts to block his shot with his shield.

As the video goes on, some people in the crowd start yelling insults at the National Guard, and encourage the people detained by yelling, “Resistencia!“.

According to El Nacional, National Guard troops “punched” four press photographers, and witnesses described the security forces as acting in a “very violent” manner with the press.

El Universal has many pictures of the event, which you can see here.

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