There is a powerful video from the attack at the Palaima residences that I posted about last night. It shows two men holding women hostage as they try to escape the area:

There is a lot of shouting and screaming, but at one point the man in the red shirt and helmet says, “I’m going to kill her”. The people confronting the man then back away, allowing the two men to run away and disappear behind the smoke of burning cars. Towards the end of the video, you see the two women get away.

Another video from last night, from the San Isidro residential complex in Maracay. These pictures are from the aftermath of the attack, which was allegedly carried out by a colectivo. The video was taken around midnight, so it’s hard to see what’s going on. It looks like one group of people shooting firewords at another group. I think I hear two gunshots at around 0:02:

There is more information today on the alleged murdered of Adriana Urquiola. The Minister of Penal Services, Iris Varela, said today that Yonny Jimenez (Spelled “Jhonny” in an article I quoted yesterday) wasn’t connected to the government at all, and that he worked at a company that repaired elevators. There are some rumours going around that the Minister and Yonny were somehow in business together and that Yonny was involved with the government, rumours that the Minister dispelled by saying, “I knew Yonny as far as I can know any other inmate.”

A source inside the Ministry of Penal Services said that Yonny was released in the first half of 2013 form the Tucuyito prison, where he had been serving a 26 year sentence for kidnapping. Minister Varela says that as far as she knows, Yonny had served time for fraud and theft, not kidnapping.

The CICPC (Centro de Invesitgaciones Cientificas, Penales y Criminales – The Venezuelan CSI) said this morning that the same SEBIN (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia – the Venezuelan NSA) killed Bassil da Costa and Juan Montoya back on February 12. The CICPC said that the bullets that killed Bassil and Juan both originiated from the same 9mm pistol, one belonging to SEBIN agent Jose Ramon Perdomo Camacho.

The Public Defender, Gabriela Ramirez, said today that she has received 757 complaints of human rights violations, 400 stemming from “inappropriate conduct, threats or verbal attacks from [security] officers.” She said, “We want to make it very clear that we will work at this in an impeccable manner, and that the officers involved [in acts in violation of human rights] will be sanctioned.”

Leopoldo Lopez “spoke” to CNN en Espanol yesterday through the answers to some questions a reporter had written down and passed on to him in Ramo Verde.Lepoldo Lopez wrote:

[On possibly being released as early as next week] I did it when I was free and I keep doing it here in prison. I will not rest until I see a new and better Venezuela born from the hands of the great majority who find themselves today choked by an inefficient, corrupt and antidemocratic system.
The political violence that we have suffered these weeks has been promoted and executed primarily by the regime and its followers. You can see pictures, videos, and [hear] the testimony of witnesses and their families.
[In answer to the question, “Will you demand for Maduro to step down?”] The people, discontent with all the problems they are suffering, are calling for Maduro’s resignation. I, in an open letter I wrote to Maduro, only posed him a reflection: ‘What would the future of the country be like if you resigned?’ It’s a reflection that I proposed to him so that he can examine whether or not his desire for power justifies stealing elections, torturing Venezuelans, repressing and planting terror from the institutions of the state.”

Leopoldo Lopez also urged the guarimberos to “channel their indignation through the ‘peaceful and creative protest, irreverent and firm, but without violence”, which is the closest we’ve come an unequivocal call from an opposition leader to re-examine the use of barricades.

Through Twitter yesterday, the Minister of Communication and Information, Delcy Rodriguez, accused a newspaper (El Aragueño) of “sending ciphered messages linked to conspiracies and violence in their crossword puzzles! We have called for a judicial investigation.” As far as I know there is no more information on this story.

Pictures from today:

SEBIN agents attempting to enter a residential complex in San Cristobal at around 9:00 AM this moring:

More from San Cristobal, where there appears to be unrest this morning:

This is a picture of a line up to buy food from a PDVAL in Los Proceres, Caracas:

One thought on “March 28: The Urquiola Case

  1. el editorial de el Nacional de hoy sale un comentario acerca de la denuncia de los mensajes cifrados en crucigrama, otra historia mas, en la misma onda del pajarito que le habla Maduro….

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