Small demonstrations flared up across Caracas today as citizens were left waiting for the weekly Mercal delivery.

Mercal, a state-owned supermarket chain, organizes open-air markets on weekends in cities across the country. Mercal delivers food products to these markets, and people line up for hours for their chance to buy subsidized goods.

When the deliver failed to arrive in Caracas and the open-air market was suspend, citizens blocked the Bolivar, Baralt, Rupert Lugo and Sucre avenues. El Nacional reports that in Caracas, people had been lining up since yesterday, and that some began to chant “we want food!” as news of the market’s suspension began to spread.

Mercal deliveries also failed to arrive in Charallave and Guarenas in Miranda state. El Nacional also reports that protests have blocked an avenue in Macuto, Vargas state; in La Victoria, Aragua state, and in Aranazu, Carabobo state.

Below, a picture of the demonstration on Bacalt Avenue in Caracas:

Protesters block a road in Charallave:

And in Macuto, Vargas state:

In Valencia, Carabobo state, protersters burned tires along an avenue:

Poll: Opposition 60.1%, PSUV 31.6%

The Hercon polling firm released the results of its latest election poll today. Among likely voters, the poll found the following support breakdown:

  • Opposition: 60.1%
  • “Chavez’s Candidates” (PSUV): 31.6%

The same poll found that 79.1% of respondents intend to vote on December 6, while 65.5% blame Maduro personally for the economic crisis crippling the country.

The poll was conducted between November 10 and 25 across the entire country. With a sample size of 1,200, the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.37%.

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