Guarico state governor Ramon Rodriguez Chacin gave an interview on the Venevision network in which he said that the nation’s middle-class citizens are most affected by long lines at supermarkets, while the poorest are not affected at all. According to Rodriguez Chacin, Venezuela’s poorest citizens have abundant access to food and basic necessities through subsidized markets that service poor areas on weekends.

Rodriguez Chacin also urged viewers to vote for the PSUV in next week’s parliamentary elections, or else they risk their future and that of their children:

They [Venezuelans] are safe in knowing that the only way they can improve their lives, that their children can go to university and that they can have a home and medical attention is through a revolutionary process as is chavismo.

IVAD: Opposition Maintains Healthy Lead

The Instituto Venezolano de Analisis de Datos (IVAD) conducted a poll between November 10-20 in which it asked 1,200 Venezuelans if they planned to vote in the December 6 parliamentary election, and for whom. The poll found that 73.9% of respondents were “absolutely sure” that they would vote in the election, while another 14% said they would “probably” vote. The poll also found that the opposition continues to hold a very healthy lead over the PSUV.

When asked “Who do you want to vote for on the December 6 parliamentary election?”, respondents answered:

  • Opposition: 43%
  • PSUV: 27.8%
  • Independent: 11.3%

When asked “If the election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for?”, respondents answered:

  • Opposition: 46.4%
  • PSUV: 26.8%
  • Independent: 9.3%

When asked “Independently of who you want to vote for, who do you think will win?”, respondents answered:

  • Opposition: 42.5%
  • PSUV: 31.3%
  • Independent: 6.5%

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.37%.

Keller: Opposition 59%, PSUV 25%

The Keller y Asociados firm released the results of its survey on the December 6 parliamentary elections today.

The poll identified individuals who are “sure” that they are going to vote in the election and asked them how they would vote. Respondents answered:

  • Opposition: 59%
  • PSUV: 25%
  • Independent: 11%

When asked “Who is principally responsible for the scarcity situation in the country?”, 52% answered “the government”. When asked, “Who is to blame for the economic, political and social crisis in the country?”, 33% of respondents answered “the government”, while 25% answered “Maduro”.

The poll was conducted across the nation between November 5 and 15 with a sample of 1,200 Venezuelans. The poll is accurate within +/- 2.89% with a confidence level of 95.5%.

Nutritious Food Basket Rises to Bs. 110,116.47

The price of the nutritious food basket – a basic combination of food required to maintain health – rose to Bs. 110,116.47 in October, up 13.2% from September. The figure is up 314.4% from October 2014.

The increase in the price means that a family of five needs to earn 14.8 times the minimum monthly salary in order to eat a healthy diet.

Pro-Government Armed Groups Attack Opposition Rally in Bolivar

Just three days after a colectivo armado [pro-government armed group] attacked an opposition rally in Caracas, another group of pro-government armed men harassed opposition supporters who had gathered for a rally in San Felix, Bolivar state. The rally was headed by Miranda state governor  Henrique Capriles.

A local leader of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD), Nelson Reyes, summarized the events:

Armed groups who attacked opposition supporters… in the Primero de Mayo neighbourhood were identified by wearing the logos of the PSUV and the Tupamaro [a pro-government armed group] movement. On top of that, they were being escorted by Bolivar State Police and the National Bolivarian Guard.

El Nacional reports that at least one person was injured during the attack.

Correo del Caroni, a local newspaper, reports that the pro-government armed group set themselves up just 600 meters from the opposition rally. The two crowds began to hurl insults at each other, and scuffles broke out.

Reyes also said:

[The pro-government armed group]… broke tents and tables, destroyed all of the sound equipment and they forced us to leave (…) the National Bolivarian Police was around [but] did not intervene to maintain order and protect us.

Below, Capriles speaking to the crowd in San Felix:

Below, a picture of Jesus Urbina, a local opposition organizer who was injured in the attack:

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